Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health
Tokyo Metropolitan Testing and Counseling Office(Shinjuku)

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   Points to check before making an appointment

Please check the following points before making an appointment for testing.

  • Are you the one who wants to take the test?

  • Have more than 60 days passed since the day you suspected you might have been infected with HIV?
    (If more than 60 days have not passed, test results will not be accurate.
    If you have any concerns, please contact the Tokyo HIV/AIDS Telephone Consultation at 03-3227-3335.)(in Japanese only)

  • You cannot make more than one appointment at the same time. If you want to be retested,
    please make an appointment after receiving your test results.

  • It will take approximately one week before test results are available.
    The Office will deliver the results in person in principle one week after testing.

  • Test result date will be the same day and time one week after the testing day.
    If it is not convenient for you, please call us the day after the testing day.

  • Only the person who took the test can learn the results.
    Test results will not be provided by mail, telephone, or e-mail.

  • As it is anonymous testing, no certificates or medical certificates will be issued.

  • If you make an appointment on our mobile website, please make sure to show your appointment number at the reception. If you cannot state your appointment number, you cannot take a test.

  • Appointments can be made on our mobile website until 00:00 a.m. two days before the test day.
    Telephone appointments can be made on the previous day and the test day if there are any available appointment slots.

  • You can cancel your mobile appointment on our mobile website until two days before the test day (00:00 a.m.)
    If you cannot come for the appointment, please make sure to call us at 050-3801-5309.

  • Syphilis is also tested at the same time as the HIV testing. You can't take just one test.