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To prevent COVID-19 spreading, please refrain from visiting Minami-Shinjuku Testing and Counselling Office when you have symptoms such as cough and fever.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

A place that offers free, anonymous HIV testing and counseling sessions with HIV counselors.
※HIV counselors are clinical psychologists, psychiatric social workers, or those who have received special training.

Tokyo Metropolitan Minami-Shinjuku Testing and Counseling Office (MSTCO) is open weekday evenings and on Saturdays and Sundays.
Syphilis testing is offered every day along with HIV testing.

【Tokyo AIDS Prevention Month】
During the period of the Tokyo AIDS Prevention Month (November 16 to December 15), genital chlamydia and gonorrhea testing is also offered to those who wish to be tested (only those who take an HIV test from November 16 to December 15). Please be sure to visit the Office and show your appointment number to receive a urine collection kit during the hours of operation (*) by the day before the testing day if you want to be tested.

(*) Hours of operation
Monday to Friday 15:30-19:30, Saturdays and Sundays 13:00-16:30
(Excluding public holidays. Hours of operation for Saturdays and Sundays will be applied on November 23.)
→About urine collection kits (PDF file)

【About privacy】
At the Tokyo Metropolitan MSTCO, blood collection, communication of test results, and counseling are conducted in separate rooms. A person who undergoes testing/counseling will only see doctors, nurses, and counselors in those rooms. Thus, their privacy will be completely protected.

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   Privacy policy

The website handles personal information properly as described below when collecting, using, and managing it in compliance with the Tokyo Metropolitan Bylaw on Protection of Personal Information and ensures that any user can use this website without concern. In addition, the Tokyo Medical Association, an organization to which Tokyo metropolitan government has commissioned the management of HIV testing at the Tokyo Metropolitan MSTCO, also handles personal information as described above.

【What is personal information?】
Personal information is personally identifiable information provided to the Tokyo metropolitan government and the Tokyo Medical Association through this website.

【About collection of personal information】
The Tokyo metropolitan government and the Tokyo Medical Association collect personal information through this website only when that information is provided by users of their own free will. The reason for collecting personal information is clearly indicated before collection. Personal information is collected to the extent necessary to achieve the indicated purpose.

【Limited use of personal information】
Personal information provided by users will be used only for the purpose clearly indicated in advance. It will never be used for purposes other than the indicated purpose of collection by the said implementing agency (*) or provided to parties other than the said implementing agency, except as specified in the bylaw on protection of personal information.
*On this website, the implementing agency means the governor of Tokyo and the president of the Tokyo Medical Association who handle personal information.

【Management of personal information】
Collected personal information will be strictly managed by the website manager and appropriate measures will be implemented to prevent leakage, misuse, or alteration.

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