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   Those who have received positive test results

If you are anxious or confused, please read Tanpopo or visit the HIV Map.
You will find information that will help support you.
When you feel like talking to or consulting someone, you can use a telephone consultation service for HIV-positive people.

It is a brochure for people who have just been notified of their HIV-positive result.
It contains useful information about useful systems and consultation services for those who have just learned that they are HIV-positive.

Tanpopo (PDF file)
(※in Japanese only)

【HIV Map】
When you are worried about HIV.
When you want to learn about safer sex.
When you are of two minds about getting tested.
When you receive a positive result.
When someone close to you is suffering.

This website supports everyone
in facing their own reality.

【Positive Line (Telephone consultation service for HIV-positive people and their partners and families)】
Project commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Tel: 0120-02-8341 (※in Japanese only)
Opening days: Monday-Saturday (excluding public holidays)
Opening hours: 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
※Positive Line is an exclusive line for HIV-positive people and their partners and families.
→Click here if you are not notified of a positive result

If you have any concern or need a consultation, please contact

Tokyo HIV/AIDS Telephone Consultation at 03-3227-3335

(※in Japanese only)