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When can I receive my test result?
You need to make another appointment in principle one week after HIV testing. A doctor will deliver the result verbally.
If you prefer the rapid test, which provides results on the same day, please search the facility by visiting the website listed below.
HIV Testing and HIV/AIDS Counseling Map https://www.hivkensa.com/language/

How much does it cost?
It's free.

Do I need to bring my health insurance card?
No, you do not. The testing is anonymous.

What kinds of procedures are included in testing?
Please visit the "Testing flow chart"page for more details.

How long does testing take?
Approximately 30 minutes.

Can I take a STD test?
(1)Syphilis testing is offered every day along with HIV testing.
(2)Genital chlamydia and gonorrhea tests are also offered from June 1 to June 30 and from November 16 to December 15. As urine tests are used to detect genital chlamydia and gonorrhea, please be sure to visit the Office and show your appointment number to receive a urine collection kit by the day before the testing day if you want to be tested (during the period of the above campaigns).

Do you use disposable needles?
Rest assured that we use disposable syringes, needles, and gloves for the tests.

Is there any possibility that the tests cause anemia?
The tests will not cause anemia because only 5 cc (one teaspoon) of blood will be collected. If you are worried, please discuss your concern during the information session before blood collection.

Can I take a bath after I am tested?

Can I be tested when I have a cold?
Though it will not affect your test result, we recommend you be tested when you feel well.

Can I be tested when I'm on medication?
Even if you take over-the-counter medicines (cold medicines, medicines for headache, and other medicines) or prescription medicine, it will not affect the HIV testing.

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